Nodino Robotics™ - F4-DiscoverFree

Development board specification

(picture size is approximate, but close to the original dimension of 106 x 66 mm)

Discover with freedom

The only thing users need to discover the most popular STM32F4 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M4 based MCU featuring:

  • Development board
  • Embedded FT2232 JTAG for debugging and programming
  • Serial bootloader support in case the JTAG connection is bricked

The F4-DiscoverFree board is suitable for beginners to advanced users developing simple to sophisticated electronic projects.

Development toolchains

We recommend to use Eclipse CDT as the Integrated Development Environment and Linaro GCC for ARM Embedded as the toolchains. There is absolutely no requirement to disclose any proprietary information developed from scratch using any open source tools (unless you link it with a GPL-licensed library).

For a commercial toolchains, users may need to purchase separately. For an open source one, users may only need an internet connection to download the free pre-built binaries. Guides are also provided for advanced users to build it from scratch.

System requirements

The minimum requirement to develop application:

  • PC or Intel Mac with at least one USB port
  • OS support: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • USB type A to mini-B cable
  • USB micro-A/B to standard A receptacle (optional)
  • MicroSD card reader (optional)

Users may need to install additional software drivers depending on platforms and tools selected. The software drivers can be downloaded from chip vendors.

Choose your Nodino Robotics™ development flavor

There are three flavors of development kit you may choose:

  • Full support kit; containing hardware plus accessories, with monthly technical support to our free and open source software
  • Complete kit; containing hardware plus accessories, with standard technical support to our free and open source software
  • Development board only; containing hardware with access to our free and open source software

We offer only technical support using the free and open source software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. Full technical support can answer all of your questions regarding board bring-up, new peripheral interfacing and many more. Standard technical support only helps you to get started on your system using the given examples.

Flavor recommendation based-on user level: Beginners who want to shorten the learning curve should choose Full Support Kit with months of technical support of your choice. Intermediate level users may choose to get only the standard support, offering help on system setup until you are able to create a new application from the given examples. Advanced users who understand completely how to deal with both hardware and software, purchasing board without accessories probably is more than enough to start on your own.

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