Product design from scratch

We believe that product design is a challenging task. Manufacturers always concern about production cost while consumers look at the price, appearance and prestige value. At Aisenke, our experiences enable us to cover a full production life cycle from project definition, initial design and development, hardware and software prototyping, to mass-production. We also take into account all aspects necessary before and after sales, because product usability and functionality are important. This includes how well the final product can be maintained, how easy to disassemble and reassemble again, how to perform firmware update by customer while system integrity is not being compromised. Tell us what you need, we can help to realize your brilliant ideas into products.

Miniaturization using low-cost PCB technology

The biggest contributors to the cost of PCB production are number of layers and how layers are connected. Trends in chip packaging have been to smaller outline and leadless package. Some semiconductor vendors also release their chip in a fine pitch BGA packaging. Here in Aisenke, we have the know-how in miniaturizing your existing design using low-cost PCB technology. We can also help you in selecting alternative components, keeping in mind the importance of having small form factor and cheaper solution.

PCB prototyping and asssembly

If you are looking for rapid and reliable turnkey PCB prototype and manufacturing services, you can count on Aisenke for it. Our complete services cover everything from electronic engineering design of the circuits, PCB layout engineering, PCB fabrication of bare boards, parts procurement and PCB assembly of a finished prototype.

Each application can demand the use of a particular material in order to facilitate the best design. Aisenke has provided PCB using FR4 material, various Rogers materials, rigid-flex and flex boards. Every PCB design we provide is a custom one, unique to particular customers and carefully prepared from the ground up. We classify PCB prototyping in three groups: standard, advanced and critical; with its detail specification below:

Parameters Standard Advanced Critical
Minimum drill hole 0.4 mm 0.3 mm 0.1 mm
Drill hole tolerance 50 um 50 um 50 um
Minimum holes distance 0.3 mm 0.25 mm 0.2 mm
Aspect ratio 1:7 1:10 1:12
Minimum track width 0.25 mm 0.15 mm 0.1 mm
Minimum space between tracks 0.25 mm 0.15 mm 0.1 mm
Minimum PCB thickness 0.8 mm 0.3 mm 0.1 mm
Maximum PCB thickness 1.6 mm 3.2 mm 5 mm
Copper minimum thickness 35 um 35 um 35 um
Maximum number of layers 2 4 6
Finishing material HASL / gold immersion HASL / gold immersion HASL / gold immersion
Solder resist color selection green / blue / red / yellow / black green / blue / red / yellow / black green / blue / red / yellow / black
Silkscreen color white white white

It is recommended that you submit your gerber files earlier for inspection, suggestion and price estimation in case your layout fall into the critical design category above. You need to let us know your preferences such as material brandname, type and quality when such particular information exist. We will try to provide all of your requirement at our best.

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