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  • F4-DiscoverFree Introduction and Demo ( YouTube - Youku )
  • F4-DiscoverFree Introduction and Demo - 中文演示 ( Youku - Tudou )
  • F4-DiscoverFree Demo - short ( YouTube - Youku )
  • F4-DiscoverFree Demo - 简短的中文演示 ( Youku )
  • F4-DiscoverFree is not STM32F4 Discovery ( YouTube - Tudou )


  • Tutorial 01 - Creating a new project from simple-template ( YouTube - Tudou )
  • Tutorial 02 - Preparing the development environment on Windows (1/2) ( YouTube - Tudou )
  • Tutorial 02 - Preparing the development environment on Windows (2/2) ( YouTube - Tudou )
  • Tutorial 03 - Debugging with Keil uVision ( YouTube - Tudou )
  • Tutorial 04 - Debugging with IAR Embedded Workbench ( YouTube - Tudou )
  • Tutorial 05 - Debugging with Eclipse IDE and OpenOCD ( YouTube - Tudou )


  • Multiple Namiki Brushless DC Motors Control ( YouTube - Tudou )
  • Sensorless Driving of Namiki Brushless DC Motors ( YouTube - Tudou )
  • Brushless DC Motor Extension Board for 4 motors ( YouTube - Tudou )


Examples shown in the tutorials are released under Simplified BSD License to test the overall system performace before shipping the hardware. The software is provided "as is" and there is no warranty that it may fit into any particular application. Users are encouraged to read the software license properly before use in order to understand it better. Download all open source documentation and source code from here

Other Resources

Other resources beyond the scope of these tutorial can be found within the open source community. The open source community can guarantee a continuous support of unlimited number of interesting projects. Some of these projects require RTOS, are of the RTOS itself and are of non-RTOS (bare metal):

  • NuttX: a real timed embedded operating system (RTOS)
  • FreeRTOS: a popular real-time operating system for embedded devices
  • RT-Thread: an open source real-time operating system for embedded devices
  • Github search result for STM32F4 projects

For more information in details, please visit chip vendor's website to download software driver, software libraries, datasheet and application notes:

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